Charlie is about to head off to college. He's ready to quit his job working the night shift at the theater, his things are packed, and he's ready to step into the next part of his life. Except now, he can't, because his parents decided that this was somehow the right time to both have a mid-life crisis and spend all of the money they had saved to go on a "lifetime cruise". 


Feeling lost, Charlie takes the position as the manager of the night shift at the theater after the old manager suffers a heart attack. Charlie must now navigate becoming boss to his friends (and the British girl he can't seem to shake feelings for), all while bringing in new crew members and trying to keep his boss happy. With no managing experience to go on and his plans for life derailed, Charlie stumbles through bringing the group of misfits and weirdos together while figuring out what to do with his future.


MISMANAGED started the journey from page to screen last year, when we sent out a casting notice and began to assemble the Grand Avenue night crew.

We also began to build a crew behind the camera. Frequent cohorts like Randy Bell (Spartan Media), Jeff Tucker (Flying T Entertainment), and Jordan Miller (Purpose Driven Films), came onboard to help with test shoots. Over two days, our team worked hard to nail down a visual style and prepare for lighting issues on location at Grand Avenue Theater.

In the meantime, a Kickstarter campaign was launched with a goal of $9,000. This was to cover the costs of props, costumes, food, equipment, and paying the cast and crew. The campaign was not fully funded, so Solar Flight didn't receive any of the money pledged during the campaign, but there was an incredible outreach from our local community and many on the internet who want to see this show happen.

So, without any money, what now? 

We did it anyway.

Most of our wonderful cast and crew came back and worked pro-bono to make the first 6 episodes in August of 2017. We ran an Indiegogo campaign and got just enough money to purchase food and rent the gear we needed, and we shot everything in 5 days!

With the change in production time, MISMANAGED won't be out until 2018. But we're in the midst of editing, working to get it out as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who donated money, time, football pads, or the duck. We can't wait to share the show with you.


Happy new year! I hope everyone had a wonderful and fun-filled Christmas.

Time for the first update of the year! I have good news and bad news. Good news first - as of today, the rough cut of episode six is done.  I am now starting to go through all of the episodes and tightening things up, looking for things I've missed, searching for major audio issues, and looking for a couple of the "interview" scenes that I discovered were missing in my first run through. The missing scenes are ones we shot, but just got organized into a wrong folder somewhere along the way. The hunt begins!

Now, for the bad news. We have an episode that is plagued with quite a few problems. Episode four had camera and audio slip-ups that we're trying to find workarounds for/fixes to, but there is a possibility that there's not going to be a way to make it work as an episode like we had hoped.

I'm looking at alternative options for how to tell this part of the story without reshooting. There's no way we can get everyone together without funds (which we don't have), so I'm trying to get creative and make something new from what we've got.


Surprise, though! Good news again! We're also putting together some behind-the-scenes videos thanks to our good friend Chris Truitt (www.reminiscefilms.net), who joined us on set for a few days and captured the craziness that was happening between takes. Keep an eye out for those.

Thank you all for your support through this journey.

God bless,

Garrett Ray 

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