Entertainment with a purpose.

So why are we here?


Solar Flight Productions is founded on the idea that content creators can (and should) create content with extremely high standards. These standards should go beyond the beautiful imagery and great sound - they should extend to the actual content. It's time for content that tackles the heartbreaking, touching, and hilarious without the need to stray into the perverse.

What's on screen is only half the story. From the scriptwriting process through to the last export of a film, we strive to set the standard for decency. On our sets (whether it be commercial, filmmaking, or a music video) we like to "keep our mouths as clean as our lenses." Our crew is fantastic at bringing their very best attitudes and best behavior every time.

Good Entertainment. Good People. We mean it.


Past, Present, Future.


We've done some pretty cool stuff over the last few years, and there's more to come.


~ In the spring of 2015, we raised over $1,200 for The Chosen Tree to help them fight human trafficking here in America by premiering 5 of our short films in Texas and Oklahoma and donating the profits!


~ We partnered with the media department at Belton High School, and got kids from the A/V program onto real sets, working how they would in the real industry.


~ The pilot episode of Moving with the Military, a show dedicated to helping military families find Home wherever they are, was shot entirely by our team.

Presently, we're in the editing process of our comedy series MISMANAGED, and doing story development on a feature film.


~ Garrett also just finished editing the full-length documentary "Hammer: The Rootin' for Regen Story" with frequent collaborator Randy Bell.

In the future, we've got music videos, shorts, and more episodes of MISMANAGED!



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