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After 6 months of hard work from a fantastic team, First Flight is now available to the public! You can get your hands on all 5 of our current short films (How to Date, Inner Battles, Mugging Magic, Final Moments, The 10 Stages of Sickness) as well as interviews with the cast and crew. We also have blooper reels, and music from our own Abby Kate. There's so much content, you'll need to make popcorn twice! 


Click "Buy Now" to the top right (or below if you're on mobile) to get your copy today!


By purchasing this Deluxe Pack, you're helping to support a production company that is focused on changing the way people see entertainment, and helping to raise awareness about human trafficking by supporting our partnership with The Chosen Tree. That makes you awesome more than once. The club probably can't handle you right now.

You can see all 5 of our short films, and peek behind the scenes.

First Flight: Deluxe Pack

Deluxe has never been so fantastic.
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